Sunday, January 6, 2008

Snow eating Robot and other new technology on MobuzzTV

Mexican BandAid Surveillance at the Korea Expo

This video is about: Tiny cameras will monitor your in-flight behavior, Viacom to provide video for bloggers, Mexican drug gangs big fans of YouTube, Crazy cool nanotech bandaids, Yuki Taro eats snow and poops ice, a visit to the Korea Expo in Madrid

This is actually interesting to watch. I found this video looking for information on the Yuki-taro autonomous snowplough robot. Research and Development information about the Yuki-taro autonomous snowplough robot can be found HERE. I think that this snow removal robot is a great idea. It takes snow of the ground, and turns it into blocks of snow/ice that can be easily stacked and then removed. Every year people die as a result of shovelling snow. This looks like this snowplough robot could be a big help not just for individuals, but that a city could make great use of them. The labour cost and fuel cost goes up every year. Using these autonomous snowplough robots would be a great way to clear the sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. A larger version could help with side roads, but I think that main roads and highways will still need the big snowploughs for a long time to come.

I wonder how well it works on snow/ice. I always find patches of ice from where we walked and compressed the snow. It would be interesting to know if it can deal with that or just fresh snow. Will it have some way to deal with ice from melting snow? We sometimes have a snow/rain mix in the same day and this will form snow with a hard ice shell or a mix of heavy wet snow, and sometimes layers of snow with ice. I guess we will have to wait until the snowplough is available for the general market to see what it can actually deal with.

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