Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reduce your water usage now before it become a necessity

Everyone knows that clean water is becoming harder to find. Droughts and pollution are having their effects on our water supply. Soon good clean water that is safe to drink will become a valuable commodity easily competing with oil as one of the more sought after natural resource. As it is in some places we have to pay for the water we use, and can expect the price to increase as water becomes more valuable. I found this wonderful list of “53 easy tips to use less water”, by Alisa Miller. I think it is dead on and worth sharing. It is all common sense but just because it makes sense does not mean we think to do it. I hope this helps reduce the water you use and your water bill. We might as well start now and get use to preserving water before it becomes a necessity. Please take the time to read her very useful list of “53 easy tips to use less water”.