Wednesday, December 26, 2007

30 Popular Celebrities Without Makeup

This gives us a chance to compare what a celebrity looks like after all the makeup, special lighting and airbrushing are done and what they look like in real life. Now it does look like the worst possible pictures available are being used as the “with out makeup” pictures. But it still gets the point across, celebrity are just people who look just like everyone else when they don’t have makeup artists, hairdressers to prep them before going out the door in custom made or designer clothing. We all could look that good with the right clothing, makeup artist, hair stylist. Then there is always photo shop to fix up everything else. Anything can be made bigger, smaller, brighter and better looking after a few hours in Photoshop with some one who knows what they are doing. People need to stop killing themselves to try and look as good as the celebrities do and realize that the celebrities don’t even look that good in real life.

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